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Skip the trip to the ER and instead call us immediately. With locations in Yorkville and Morris, we are equipped with in-office x-ray capabilities to save you time and money by avoiding the ER. Your feet are our top priority. Allow us to be your first choice in foot care.

Jason Boczko
Jason Boczko
I had a foot fusion with other issues fixed recently and with that said Dr. Rappette is a notch above the rest. He helped me understand what needed to be done. Also have had work done by him years ago (2007) and his work still holds up successfully to this day. If you have an issue it I highly recommend him to you. On the physical therapy side of things they have a great staff and also do their job getting you back up to snuff on with your therapy/rehabilitation needs. Sincerely....
Richard Sheehan
Richard Sheehan
Dr.Bishop has been a godsend when it comes to everything. He was 6th. I repeat 6th specialist that I’ve seen since all the others couldn’t find out what the issue was with my ankle. Dr. Bishop figured it out, explained it thoroughly, and eventually I ended up having surgery to correct it. Super cool, professional, and straight forward. 🫡
Sue Fernandez
Sue Fernandez
Not sure why I gave this place 5 stars, since I didn't really like the Dr and he seemed more interested in money than my foot issues
Jack Proctor
Jack Proctor
I play college-level football and was experiencing foot pain after a few rough back-to-back games. I was referred to this office and reached out to schedule an appointment. Scheduling was very easy and Dr. Rappette met with me and explained what could be done to solve my problem. Before I knew it, my foot pain was gone and now I continue to play football with no issues since! Thank you, Dr. Rappette!
Sophia Yalysheva
Sophia Yalysheva
Had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Rappette! Will be coming back for sure.
Rob Christensen
Rob Christensen
Vanessa Katrandjiev
Vanessa Katrandjiev
I've been getting Keryflex for years and was never fully satisfied with how it looked until I went to Lizette at the MedSpa. She took a lot of time to match the shape to my other nail and was very welcoming and nice to talk to. The service was affordable as well compared to other offices that offer it. I highly recommend seeing her for any nail applications/services and cannot wait to book an appointment with her again!

Our Specialties

Did you know the average person takes about 10,000 steps every day? That is a lot of stress on your feet! especially when you consider the array of surfaces and inclines that people walk on, you can see how foot pain can be a common ailment. That is why it is so important to seek care from a foot doctor if you are experiencing foot pain or mobility issues. Your ability to move is crucial to living a complete life. Don’t allow pain to stop you from living your life!

Anchilles Tendonitis
Ankle Pain
Athletes foot
Diabetic Foot Care
Flat Feet
Hammer Toes
Heel Pain
Ingrown Toenails
Plantar Fasciitis
Toenail Fungus

Meet Our Docotors

Our seasoned and skilled team of surgeons and practical nurses will leave no chance for any disease to survive! Their combined practice proven record shows that more than 90% of all issues are successfully resolved!

Foot Surgeon

Dr. Paul Bishop is a Foot & Ankle surgeon certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He was residency trained in Houston, Texas, and has been in practice since 1996.

Foot Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Rappette is a Foot & Ankle surgeon certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He was residency trained in Houston, Texas, and has been in practice since 1996.

Yorkville Location

654 W Veterans Pkwy Suite D,
Yorkville, IL 60560
Tel: 630-553-9300

Morris Location

1802 N Division St, Suite 305
Morris, IL 60450
Tel: 815-942-9050

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